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Cyber security should not be underestimated and misconceptions about it can put your business at risk. Cloud and More offer IT services in Bristol and the nearby regions, as well as the Milton Keynes area. We can provide cyber security services for your company. In this blog, Cloud and More highlight the common myths that exist around cyber security and how they could pose a threat to your business.

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Myth: A hacker won’t want our data!

All data is valuable. There are many ways a hacker can use your data, including selling your customer and employee information on the dark web or using it for phishing attempts. They could also lock you out of your network and demand payment to restore access.

Myth: Cyber security is too expensive

Not investing in cyber security is too big of a risk. The cost of cyber security is nothing compared to the cost of an attack. A cyber breach will damage your reputation. When customers no longer trust you, you’ll lose their business.

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Myth: Our business is too small, they won’t touch us

The news only reports on big companies being attacked, so it’s easy to feel like you’re safe. Don’t be under the illusion that your business is too small for hackers to target. Actually, small businesses are usually top of the hit list because hackers know they are unlikely to have the same security solutions that big firms do.

Myth: I have strong passwords that will keep me safe

No matter the complexity or length of your password, it can still be hacked. Having a strong password alone isn’t enough. You need to have two-factor authentication or multifactor authentication as an extra verification step. That way, even if the hacker discovers your password, they’ll be stopped in their tracks.

Myth: Antivirus software is sufficient enough to secure my company

Your antivirus software may not be airtight. Even with this, hackers can still attack with ransomware and phishing attempts. Don’t rely on one solution. You need a multi-layered strategy with backup and disaster recovery measures in place, as well as data access monitoring.

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Myth: Phishing attempts are obvious

We all remember those poorly spelt emails from princes of far-off lands, but phishing attempts have actually become a lot more convincing these days. Hackers gather intel about a company to make them look more legitimate. You need to train your staff to spot them.

Myth: I’m fully protected

Don’t become complacent. Cyber security is a continuous process. You need to review your security often and carry out audits and updates. If you’re not confident in your cyber security measures, hire an expert. Cloud and More provide cyber security IT services in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Contact us to discuss how we can help your company.

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