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What is Data Cabling?

Data cabling is a network infrastructure that connects computers, printers, phone systems and other devices, allowing data to be transferred. It acts as the basis of all communication for your business.

Why is Data Cabling Important?

Companies need fast, robust and reliable access to data, which is what a well-designed data cabling system will offer. If your networking is not up to scratch, then the running of your business can suffer. Poor cabling can put stress on your network, causing it to underperform.


A good data cabling structure will ensure your business runs efficiently and is future-proofed. If you’re looking to update your data cabling in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Cloud and More.

Data Cabling Types


Cat5e runs at speeds of 1000Mbps which can be achieved over a distance of 100 metres. The cabling is made from copper and typically 24-gauge twisted pair wires.


Cat6 runs at speeds of 1000Mbps, which again can be achieved over a distance of 100 metres. However, Cat6 are also capable of 10 Gigabits of distances up to 55 metres. The main distinction between Cat5e and Cat6 is the bandwidth that the cable can provide.


Cat6 can operate frequencies up to 250MHz compared to 100MHz for Cat5e. Cat6 has a 23-gauge twisted pair cable design but is thicker and has fewer crosstalk issues than Cat5e.

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The biggest difference between Cat6 and Cat6a cables is that Cat6a can support double the bandwidth frequency of around 500Mhz. It can also run at speeds of 10 Gigabits over a distance of 100 metres. The cable uses thicker copper conductors and jackets to further reduce crosstalk.

Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling operates in an entirely different way from copper wires like Cat5e and Cat6. They work by drawing light rather than electrical power to transmit signals. This makes them significantly faster with a cleaner signal. Fibre optic cabling is capable of speeds of up to 10,000Mbps over distances of 500 metres to 2km.

Which Cabling is Right for my Business?

If you require a speed over a longer distance then fibre optic is the cable for you. However, it can be more costly as you may need additional fibre transmission and receiver hardware. Copper cables have the disadvantage of being susceptible to electrical interference whilst fibre optic can be brittle and break more easily. So, both have their drawbacks.


If you’re looking to update your network infrastructure or install a new one, Cloud and More provide data cabling in Milton Keynes and beyond. Get in touch with us and we will discuss the best cabling solution for your company.

data cabling near milton keynes

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