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Delivering consistent international collaboration and communication for our client in the Financial Services industry that saves them time and money.

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|  About

Our client is a financial Services Provider, with offices in the UK and America.

Reliable connectivity, collaboration and communication are key in the Financial Services industry, as valuations can change in an instant.

|  The Challenge

In recent years, the business had enjoyed significant growth across both its UK and American offices, but communication between the two was becoming challenging. International calling costs were spiralling and calls regularly dropped-out during peak hours, or lost quality, making it hard to hear the ‘other end’ of the conversation. Plus, the organisation wanted to ensure that the solution would enable employees to work from home, as the owners were looking to move to a more hybrid approach to working.

Furthermore, the firm’s legacy PBX telephony solution was running at maximum capacity, while becoming more expensive to maintain due to rare parts and even rarer qualified engineers. The financial consultancy was also having to outsource any changes to system, including actions as simple as changing the DDI name, which were taking precious time from employees to raise tickets and chase resolutions.

|  The Solution

First, Cloud and More organised several workshops with attendees from all departments across the organisation, to fully understand the needs of the entire operation, collating feedback and agreeing on the ultimate goals of the project.

Then the team presented its proposed solution, based around Cloud and More’s most popular hosted cloud telephony from Concert Networks.

Because of the detailed questions and responses during the exploratory phase, Cloud and More understood that the deployment would have to be implemented over the weekend, to ensure the operation could get back to business as usual come Monday morning.

The week before the deployment date, Cloud and More took the team through in-depth training sessions remotely, to guarantee that team could understand and operate their new communications platform on day one.

|  The Results

Now, teams across the financial consultancy’s UK and American office can collaborate freely without worrying about exorbitant international calling costs. Colleagues can video conference and collaborate on documents with no hidden charges, and can enjoy crystal-clear calling with clients, even when working from home.

And because of the training that Cloud and More provided, there has been no disruption to any workflows throughout the operation. Plus, the firm’s new solution means that it can now share documents more securely across the pond, and bring the geographically separate operations closer together.

All told, the business estimates that it will save over £40,000 per year (including maintenance, repairs, calling costs and lost productivity) by switching to its new communications solution, representing a considerable return on investment, especially considering the fact that all of the firm’s communications are now future-proof, more reliable and offer far more collaboration features that enable the team to work just as productively from home as they would in the office.


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