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Are you looking to outsource your IT support? Maybe you’re fed up with your current provider? Without strong IT support, your business can ground to a halt. It’s important to take the time to carefully pick your IT partner.


If you’re looking for an IT support company, Cloud and More provide specialist IT services in Milton Keynes and beyond. Our passionate and friendly team deliver first-rate IT solutions. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you.


What do you need to look for when choosing an IT support company?

1. Quick to respond

You need an IT partner that can solve your issues quickly. Do they have a guaranteed response time?


2. 24/7 support

An IT problem can arise at any time of the day. Will they be available to help at all hours?


3. Strong testimonials

Do they have a track record of success? Read up on what others say or ask the company to provide references.


4. Security-first mindset

Make sure they prioritise security so your company’s private data is in safe hands.


5. Good listeners

Your IT partner needs to be a great communicator and one that builds strong relationships with their clients.

6. Other services

What other services (data cabling or hosted telephony for instance) does the company offer and could you utilise these services?

7. Proactive support

Are they just going to react when something goes wrong or are they going to keep a close eye on your systems and proactively fix faults before they happen?


8. Location

If they’re located closer to you geographically, you’ll get hands-on care; everything from installing the systems to building a better relationship.


Offering IT services in Milton Keynes, Cloud and More can be your hands-on IT solution and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can become your IT partner.

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Take our 90 day challenge

Cloud and More are so confident you will experience the difference of working together with us as your IT partner, that if you are not completely satisfied after your first 90 day period, then we will refund your first 90 days of IT support with us – this gives you total peace of mind that if you would like to leave us after 90 days then you can do.

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