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Cloud and More supports legal firm’s ISO27001 accreditation to safeguard confidential information.
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One of Cloud and More’s clients, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a legal consultancy firm with multiple offices that specialise in immigration and asylum law.
As a law firm, the organisation must exemplify best practices across cyber security and data protection. Not only to protect client data, but the confidential information held from commercial partners and Government bodies.

|  The Challenge

As a growing business, with satellite offices up and down the country, timely responses to client requests and deliverables are essential. So, when the firm’s systems started crashing on a more regular basis, the firm knew it was time to find a partner that could offer a greater level of IT support.

Also, by working with Government departments, the firm needs to maintain a comprehensive IT infrastructure that’s well-protected and maintained, evidenced by industry accreditations such as ISO 27001, certifying the firm’s framework for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and proving its commitment to continued confidentiality, integrity and availability of information as well as legal compliance.

|  The Solution

After taking the time to learn about the entire organisation with multiple in-person work, uncovering its needs, goals and previous issues, the firm chose Cloud and More’s More for You service, that’s available 24/7/365 for any issues and includes:

  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support
  • Unlimited On-site Reactive Visits
  • Proactive Monitoring of Servers and Laptops / Desktops
  • Proactive Consultancy Time
  • Our Backup Promise
  • IT Roadmap
  • Account Management

What’s more, after learning about the firm’s IT infrastructure, Cloud and More’s advice and IT Consultancy Service ensured that the firm could reach the necessary conditions for ISO 27001 accreditation.

The project included training staff on data-safety best practice, installing anti-virus and monitoring software on all devices, as well as establishing a company-wide firewall and back-up solution.

|  The Results

The law firm is now running at 100% efficiency, with no downtime or technical issues stalling its operations since deployment. And even if the worst should happen, Cloud and More’s Backup service will ensure that no data is lost, and individual device data can be recovered in a matter of minutes in the case of a hardware issue.

Even if it is just for a quick ‘how-to’ question or to help set-up a new employee’s equipment, the firm has one number to call for any issues or advice needed, manned by friendly, experienced staff.

Lastly, the firm can start to further expand its services and attract new commercial partners, thanks to its ISO 27001 accreditation, that promotes the protections and processes that the firm and employees go to safeguard its confidential information.


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