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It’s no surprise that cloud solutions are becoming so popular when running on-site IT hardware is so expensive enough, especially considering all the maintenance costs and replacement parts when things go wrong.

Embracing the cloud means you can be savvier with your technology, quickly scale to your needs, embrace new services in a matter of minutes and develop a more agile operation.

Because technology is still changing at such a pace, working with us means you’ll always be aware of changes and updates to your services. That’s how you can get the most from your technology and enjoy true value for money.

Benjamin Hardy said “successful people make decisions based on where they want to be”. That means designing solutions for the future and by working closely together, we’ll make sure you get there.


Microsoft 365 puts your office in the cloud

Give your team access to the Office apps like Word, Teams and Outlook, that they know and love from anywhere, on any device. The choice of savvy businesses, Microsoft 365 makes you more agile.


Scalable services designed for your future

Build a stronger business by switching to Microsoft’s super-secure, ultra-flexible public cloud platform. With instant scalability and cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow pricing, you’ll enjoy long-term value from your cloud solution and true business benefits that will support your growth for years to come.


Partners that provide a great experience every day
Supplied by some of the most respected names in IT, your solution will be reliable, future-proof, and cost-effective, backed by Cloud and More’s expert support and advice.

Honesty and transparency in every conversation is the only way to build long-lasting relationships and that’s our standard. Contact us now to start your journey to a better tomorrow.

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