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There’s nothing worse than your business coming to a standstill because of IT issues. Employees become annoyed when they’re busy and unable to work. Meanwhile, you are losing revenue and potential customer leads plus frustrating your clients! We rely heavily on technology and you need it to work efficiently for the success of your business. Your IT infrastructure must function optimally at all times. One way to ensure that it is would be through monitoring. Monitoring can be divided into two types: proactive and reactive.


reactive IT monitoring bristol

What is Reactive IT monitoring?

Reactive monitoring has been traditionally used in IT. If the system is working fine then it is left alone. If any incidents and outages occur then they are responded to quickly. So effectively, reactive monitoring is when an IT team wait for an issue to arise before they take action.

What is Proactive IT monitoring?

Proactive IT monitoring is when the performance and availability of your IT systems and infrastructure are constantly monitored. Any potential issues are addressed before they cause any disruption or downtime. By proactively monitoring, any anomalies, errors or performance issues can be resolved before they become critical. This preventative approach means much less downtime and reduces the likelihood of major incidents. You’ll get a smooth and efficient IT infrastructure. Proactive IT monitoring tends to involve the use of automated monitoring tools and processes. These will detect and analyse, then alert IT staff to take action.



In this blog, we are going to take a look at why you should be taking a more proactive approach to your IT infrastructure.

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Looking for a proactive IT monitoring service provider?

Reduce the likelihood of downtime by adopting a proactive IT monitoring service from IT professionals. Cloud and More can maintain and manage your company’s IT infrastructure. We will identify and resolve any issues without you ever even noticing and before it affects your business. Cloud and More offer IT support in Bristol and the surrounding regions. If you’re looking for proactive IT monitoring or any other IT services in Bristol, give us a call.

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Why should you adopt a proactive approach to IT monitoring rather than a reactive one?

The implication of reactive monitoring is that you’re reacting to issues once they’ve already happened which can lead to severe service disruptions and customer impact. The issue has occurred and you now need to troubleshoot. This type of interruption to your service can cost you dearly.


Every business, no matter the size, can benefit from proactive IT monitoring. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Improved uptime and reliability.

By monitoring 24/7, your IT team or your IT support company will be alerted to any potential issues. Early detection means that they can quickly fix the problem before the systems go down.

2. Increased security

IT teams can identify and resolve any vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit your IT system. This will help prevent data breaches which can cost you in terms of both money and reputation

3. Better performance

With proactive monitoring, you are constantly monitoring network bandwidth, CPU usage and disk space. This means you can identify any areas where the system can be better optimised.

4. Improved customer satisfaction

By proactively monitoring, you keep your IT infrastructure in good working order which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is because you’ll be providing faster response times and better communication.


As you can see, proactive monitoring is essential. Many big IT problems can be avoided if they are proactively monitored and bypassed before they escalate.

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If you’re looking for a proactive monitoring service, Cloud and More offer IT support in Bristol and the surrounding regions. We provide a range of IT services in Bristol including cyber security and data cablingGet in touch to discuss how we can help keep your IT systems in full working order.

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