What Makes a Good IT Partner?

Today, almost every business is working with either an internal IT department/an internally appointed expert/advisor, or they’re working with an outsourced IT professional or company. So once you know that your business is at the stage that it needs to bring in a professional, external IT service, how do you ensure your chosen partner is perfect for your business? 

It’s become imperative that businesses have a trusted resource with technical knowledge and skills to keep everything functioning and secure. This resource will need to assist colleagues with training and guidance to ensure best-practice use is employed by all. They’ll install updates and new software, ensure cyber security, set up user profiles, manage the cloud services and so much more. So once your business has decided that your IT requirements are simply too much to handle in-house, or your incumbent IT Support Provider hasn’t provided the service you require; what should you be looking for to ensure the IT partner you pick is the best IT provider for you? 

Firstly, what are Outsourced Managed Services?  

Outsourced managed IT services are any service that’s delivered by a third party – someone not within your company – that are related to technology. These services include day-to-day IT support, computer hardware updates, new software installs, procurement of technical hardware and software, application management and office moves.   They also include troubleshooting, configuring hardware and other external devices such as scanners, printers, and monitors. Additional services include internet connectivity, managed print, networking and trunking, communications and telephony services, cyber security, patching, user training and, well, so much more.  In 2022 the technology needs of business are complicated, comprehensive and continuous, and with so many outsourced Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in every town, how can you ensure that the MSP that you choose to work with, is reputable, reliable and, responsive?    

Let’s look at the top 5 things a good Managed IT Service Partner should be providing…. 



Your managed IT partner needs to deliver value. They also need to deliver a whole load more, but as their client, you must know and feel confident that they are a valuable resource, a service that’s of value to you, your business, your teams, suppliers, and clients.  


You need to choose a managed service provider that you know you can trust. For most businesses their IT infrastructure and services is the very heart of their company, and it needs to be in the most capable and safe hands. Just 10 minutes of downtime for some enterprises could cause irreparable damage to clients, systems or services. Remember the cyber attack on the NHS back in 2017? It devastated the NHS, but incredible and necessary lessons were learned, if you’d like to learn more about that event and the subsequent actions, you can read more in this report from the House of Commons.  


Technology and IT solutions are continuously developing, anyone who owns an Apple Mac will know how often updates are released. Solutions and versions are being updated every day, patches for newly discovered viruses and incomplete/incorrect sequences in apps and programmes are announced continuously.  It’s a full-time role to simply keep systems, solutions, and tech up to date, let alone learn new solutions and research better systems. 

An MSP will have staff committed to staying abreast of new developments, they’ll work in partnership with the leading IT solution providers and vendors – Windows, Apple, Google and more.  They’ll be the first to know of any cyber security issues, software updates or programme developments that will benefit your business, and they’ll be learning more every day from simply working with their other clients.  


Your chosen MSP, as already mentioned, will be working with many other businesses, and they need to be delivering impeccable customer service across the board, to each and every client.  Your Managed Service provider needs to be ingrained in your business, your processes and your tech. Proactive support is key, they need to be front and centre and fully understand your business needs, budget, strengths and vulnerabilities. They have to deliver reliable, hands on strategy, support and technical advice.  

Providing you with a strategic process to ensure customers’ requirements are met in the most effective manner and in the best time. 


A good MSP will be adding value to each of their clients, and part of that is to ensure that their solutions and systems deliver genuine business improvements. They will, in line with each client’s business strategy, deliver and manage solutions and technical provisions that will elevate and improve each clients’ technology solutions. They will deliver service and advice that’s trusted and will work with the business to drive them forward. 

If your business is considering changing Managed Service Provider or, you’re thinking of outsourcing some, or even all of your IT requirements to an outsourced professional, the team at Cloud and More would love to hear from you.  

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