Proactive IT Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and management of your IT systems

No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered.

Preserving your IT health

Cloud and More take a proactive approach to maintaining your IT infrastructure. We will identify any potential issues before you even notice them and more crucially before it impacts your business. Issues are responded to quickly to increase the efficiency of your IT operations and reduce downtime.

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Endpoint proactive monitoring & management

The monitoring and proactive management of an IT system is a must in today’s modern world. At Cloud and More, we protect and proactively monitor your IT systems using the latest, state-of-the-art technology.

By deploying a small agent to each of your machines, the Cloud and More IT helpdesk team can keep a watchful eye over all of your IT assets. We will monitor your IT environment to keep it performing at its optimum level and to prevent downtime.

Our proactive monitoring solution will allow us to:

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Server proactive
monitoring & management

Monitoring server performance is vital to the health of your IT infrastructure and your business.

A poorly performing web server can drive customers away. A misfiring internal server can corrupt crucial data. Server monitoring from Cloud and More continually checks the health of your servers, testing for:

• Accessibility (is the server up and running?)
• Speed of response
• Errors, such as corrupt files and security violations

Monitoring can also predict when server disks will fill up, and whether other elements - like memory and CPU - will continue to operate optimally.

We’ll keep an eye on the data and alert you if a server’s performance is getting worse, letting you take remedial action before a crash occurs.

Endpoint management
Protection for end-user devices

Protecting individual laptops and desktops is a key defence against cyber security threats. Our Endpoint Management solution provides:

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Proactive Monitoring
of Devices

Endpoint Management ensures we can monitor and secure critical aspects of your end-user devices. It protects your critical company data from external threats, with proactive reviews and monitoring of alerts, to guarantee the maximum uptime of systems.

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IT Assets

With Endpoint Management, you can track all of your IT assets’ age and specification, including serial and model numbers. This allows you to keep tabs on your valuable property, having control and insight into your entire IT infrastructure.

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Your Endpoint Management platform will carry out automatically scheduled updates of Microsoft and many popular 3rd party applications. This ensures that security holes are discovered and repaired and computer bugs are removed.

Managed anti-virus & web protection.
Protection from viruses and malware

Anti-virus and web protection can be applied across your machines automatically, saving the cost and complication of operating a stand-alone alternative. Managed anti-virus and web protection provide the highest levels of security against the ever-increasing risk of viruses and malware, both local and web-based.

Endpoint Detect and Response
Next generation protection

With Endpoint Detect and Response, you have peace of mind that your devices are monitored and secure no matter where your teams are working.

EDR (Endpoint, Detect and Response) leverages Artificial Intelligence to monitor devices and network events, recording and reviewing behaviours in a central database, so further analysis, detection, investigation, reporting and alerting can take place.

Endpoint Detect and Response also provides network and device control, allowing you to prevent defined applications from running, restricting the use of removable storage and ensuring you are further improving your data security.

Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitoring is a key component and requires a human element to analyse threats when identified. With a SOC monitoring, your endpoint alerts 24/7, you can focus on your core business, knowing your systems are safe.

If you want to discuss how Cloud and More can help provide monitoring and protection of your IT systems, get in touch today.

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