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We work tirelessly every day to make your IT experience better. 
Cloud and More, experience the difference.

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|  We exist to make your life better

Cloud and More was founded to be different, to create an IT service provider designed for the modern business, to put our clients at the centre of everything we do.

We scour the technology landscape for new solutions and services to help our clients improve their businesses.

It all makes our approach refreshingly different. We love to chat about your IT needs, whether face-to-face, on the phone or online and those conversations help us to find out where you are as a business, where you want to be, and what will help you get there. We’ll discuss pain points and future needs, keeping your timelines and budget firmly in mind. And then we’ll set ourselves the challenge to design a service that meets your needs.

We’ll make sure your technology is fit for purpose, and then some. We don’t do ‘good enough’.  The services we deliver will help make your team more effective and efficient, not more frustrated.

We’ll keep an eye on suitable technological developments, and if something comes along that better suits your needs, we’ll be sure to let you know.

That’s why we do what we do. Technology is changing fast, particularly when it comes to the cloud, business communications and cyber security. We get a buzz out of helping our clients navigate this new landscape and thrive.

Consider us part of your business, always available when you need us.

We’re your partner, not a vendor.

|  Together, we can do more

At the heart of our service is IT support, we provide a refreshing and modern approach to providing the support you need when you need it.

We’ll take the time to learn all about your business, your current IT set up and your ambitions for the future. We will provide the latest in proactive monitoring and cyber security solutions.

Nothing is left to chance, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. With Cloud and More, it’s all about personal communication and the experience we provide. 

Cloud and More, experience the difference.


Here’s the Cloud and More process in full:

|  Consultation

We’ll talk to your key people about your current support provision, the challenges you’re experiencing and what it is that you want from an IT partner. We will get to know and understand your business and your future plans.  We’ll be entirely honest and transparent. If we think there are better ways of achieving the same goals, we’ll let you know. 

|  Design

After your requirements have been nailed down, we’ll design a support solution that meets them.  We build tailored IT services based on your needs and requirements.  We have a wealth of experience in providing effective IT support services to many different businesses.

|  Onboarding

Choosing a new IT provider can be a daunting process, we know and understand this and so have a well refined client onboarding process.  This makes moving to Cloud and More a simple and seamless process for your business and you users.

|  Review

Once the new IT support service is live, we will continually review our performance and our progress.  Regular face to face meetings and feedback is a must.

|  Better IT means a better business

Any IT system is only as good as the hardware and software at its core. Making sure we procure the best solutions and technology for our clients is something of a Cloud and More obsession.

For good reason IT is continually changing, so we never let the grass grow under our feet. Our portfolio is always evolving so we can offer the best technology for your needs, whether that’s cloud services, security, telephony, monitoring solutions or more. We attend trade shows, test new products and make sure we’re always ahead of the curve.

We also nurture excellent relationships with our partner businesses, so we can offer the best hardware and software at the best price. We have over 20 technology partners who collectively provide solutions that cover every scenario and business case.

We don’t offer pie in the sky. We’re fully aware that every aspect of a solution needs to be commercially viable and scalable. We know that the hardware and software we supply must meet your needs today and in the future, taking any growth plans into account. That’s why we guarantee transparency at every stage, to prove your investment’s ongoing value.

In other words, we approach procurement in the same way we approach consultancy and project management. We’re thorough, transparent and always willing to listen and learn. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs, and never try to sell you hardware or software that doesn’t add to the commercial and operational viability of your business.

|  Our philosophy

Each member of our team is a stakeholder and invested in our success, which means your success is theirs too.

To make sure that always remains true, our philosophy is built on five core pillars:

|  Be better
Your business and its needs will be our focus from day one. We know that clients leave when there’s no reason to stay, so we’ll work every day to give you that reason. We’ll be honest in our communications, transparent in our actions and committed in our approach.
|  Be refreshing
You’ll find our unique approach to service design and delivery, based on mutual trust and transparency, so different to your current providers’. We’ll be there when you need us, and answer queries quickly. We’ll create personal connections with access to senior team members and regular updates on your services and any relevant technological developments.
|  Be savvy
Technology is changing at a pace of knots. It’s our mission to keep you up to date on everything you need to know, offering better alternatives to the technology you already use, when its required. We’ll be your long-term IT partner, keeping you ahead of the curve.
|  Be strong

Your solution needs to be resilient in every area. Our security services will protect your business against ever-evolving security threats. We’ll constantly assess new risks and educate you and your team on new ways to protect yourself.

|  Be invaluable
We’re called Cloud and More for a reason. We offer more than just the technology that runs your business. We’re your IT partner and an extension of your own team. We provide advice, education and an honest opinion alongside our solutions, combining it all to ensure that our relationship always provides you with true value for money.


Putting the ‘more’ in Cloud and More
You’re not a number or a stat. To us, you’re our client.
One who demands the very best from your IT Services and Support.


We exist to make your life better
The relationship between us should mean something.
That’s why your business is our focus, and we’ll work tirelessly to make your everyday IT experience better.


Services designed for the next generation
Technology is changing the way we interact.
Together, we’ll take a fresh approach to designing your services, with the next generation of users in mind.


Solutions with one eye on the future
Explore new technologies without the risk.
With such a broad range of technologies, you need an expert that can advise on the best solution for your needs.


Secure by design to defend your business
Security is at the heart of everything we do.
Trust Cloud and More to protect your data and systems against today’s and tomorrow’s ever-evolving threats.


A solid system for commercial success
Honesty and transparency at every step.
Every aspect of your solution will be commercially viable and scalable, to guarantee a strong return on investment.


Partners that provide a great experience every day
Supplied by some of the most respected names in IT, your solution will be reliable, future-proof, and cost-effective, backed by Cloud and More’s expert support and advice.

Honesty and transparency in every conversation is the only way to build long-lasting relationships and that’s our standard. Contact us now to start your journey to a better tomorrow.

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