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The rapid growth of technology in the digital landscape has bought about an array of challenges. One of the most significant issues is the persistent shortage of talent in the cybersecurity industry. With our reliance on the digital landscape ever-growing and the increased use of AI, there is a need for 3.4 million cybersecurity experts worldwide. In this blog, Cloud and More will delve into the reasons behind this, the implications and the potential solutions.



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The growing demand for cybersecurity professionals

Cyber threats are on the rise, posing a huge risk to companies. As a result, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals has surged. From safeguarding sensitive data to defending against sophisticated hacking attempts, companies need skilled experts to combat cybercrime. However, due to this rise, the supply of qualified professionals has struggled to keep pace.


Why? Well, firstly the field of cybersecurity is relatively new so educational institutes have struggled to develop programs that adequately train and prepare students. Secondly, the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats has created a skills gap. Professionals need to continuously stay up-to-date with all the latest cyber-attack techniques. Lastly, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed as companies rely more and more on digital technologies.

The implications of a talent shortage

The main issue with this talent shortage is the increased vulnerability to cyberattacks. It leaves companies exposed to cyber-attacks. If there are not enough experts to identify and respond to incidents, there’s a higher risk of data breaches, financial losses and reputational damage. The talent gap creates intense competition among organisations to secure the limited pool of cybersecurity professionals available. This then leads to the further implication of escalating costs of cybersecurity as companies fight to secure these professionals.

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How to address the talent gap

This talent gap is a worldwide issue. There needs to be a collaboration between educational institutions, industry professionals and government entities. There also needs to be an investment in the creation and expansion of cybersecurity talent. People need to be given hands-on training, certifications and put on continuous professional development programs. Cybersecurity needs to be promoted as an attractive career choice and apprenticeships need to be offered.

Final thoughts

According to the UK Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022, 39% of UK companies experienced at least one cyber-attack in 12-months.


Our increasing reliance on the digital economy and the rapid growth of it makes cybersecurity a critical profession. Everyone is at risk of cybercrime. Something needs to be done about the talent gap in order to ensure all companies are safe. The urgency to bridge the talent gap is evident, considering the high percentage of companies experiencing cyberattacks.



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